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Last updated September 2020

We are committed to building a future with a more sustainable healthcare system. All patients should have cost-effective access to the medicines they need.

Meaningful impact of biosimilars on patient care

Biosimilars are biological products that are proven to have no clinically meaningful differences to their reference products.1 At a time when healthcare costs are rising, biosimilars offer a more affordable treatment option for patients compared with the reference biologics.2 And with increased availability of lower-cost biosimilars, patients will have improved access to the right medicine at the right time.

Biosimilars: contributing to a sustainable healthcare system

  • The introduction of biosimilars in Hong Kong is expected to impact various aspects of society, including patients, and the public and private healthcare systems.3
  • Biosimilars offer opportunities for cost savings in the Hong Kong public healthcare system.3
  • As the use of biologic medicines grows over the next decade, the availability of biosimilars will drive further growth by improving access to these previously cost-prohibitive medicines.2
  • Biosimilars will expand therapeutic options, increasing the likelihood that patients begin treatment with biological medicines.2

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